Saturday, August 22, 2009

In My Mailbox This Week

This week was very generous to me, book-wise.

I received a copy of The Ask and the Answer by Patrick Ness, sequel to The Knife of Never Letting Go. It came with a note that suggested the use of nefarious means just to get this title on my desk! I was just talking about needing this book last week. It's slated to be a trilogy and the first one ended on a cliff-hanger. So great to get back into that world.

I also received Libba Bray's newest, Going Bovine, which I mentioned like 3 posts ago. It is really different from her Gemma Doyle trilogy, and will be a fun and funny read.

And, Harlequin publishing sent me two of their new teen imprint titles, My Soul To Take by Rachel Vincent and Intertwined by Gena Showalter. They look great and the packaging is very attractive. I'm very impressed by their new line of books for teens which attempts to capture the integrity of books like Twilight, Hunger Games and The Book Thief (from their website).

Oh yeah, Frank Portman's newest, Andromeda Klein also arrived for me! It was no longer available as a galley, so I got the real thing, a big beautiful hardcover. King Dork was so awesome, I can't wait to get into this one. Especially with this blurb: "Andromeda Klein is a quiet, booky girl with an unexciting life". That's me, That's ME!

Except this week, which was hugely exciting.
I was thinking that I need a day off just to have a mini reading marathon. I have a bunch of great material here. My favourite thing to do is sit in a coffee shop and read. A little cliche, but it keeps me focused. Plus coffee, yum.
Where is your favourite place to read? Can you read in public?
What great books have you found this week?
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Eleni said...

Nice books! Happy Reading!


So Many Books, So Little Time said...

I really want to read Going Bovine, my Soul to Take and Intertwined. They all sound great. Happy reading!

Marie said...

I'm interested in the Harlequin books too!

Cat said...

I was just looking at The Knife of Never Letting Go yesterday. I don't know what it's about, but it's funny I'm reading this today. I guess you liked it, maybe I'll give it a second glance on my next bookstore trip.

Lizzy said...

My Soul to Take looks really interesting, I can't wait to read it (the cover is awesome). Hope you enjoy your books, and happy reading!

Amy said...

I am really jealous of Intertwined and My Soul To Take enjoy!

Mandy said...

Thanks everyone! Harlequin Teen are doing a lot of promotion on their new line. I just contacted them and said I had a blog and they sent me copies of their newest titles. It's worth a try for anyone with a book blog.

Cat: You know, I DID like Knife of Never Letting Go. It has a very unique premise, and memorable characters. It also straddles some genres which is cool. It is definately worth the time.

Katie said...

Awesome books! I missed out on the new Frank Portman at ALA. I was bummed. But I'm glad to see it getting blog love!

Happy reading!

Rebecca said...

Awesome books you got this week. Going Bovine sounds like a really interesting book. Hope you enjoy reading all your books.

Jon Johnson said...

New Frank Portman!? I had no idea! Excited!

Mandy said...


Jon: *quick lookup* we'll be getting them in this week!

prophecygirl said...

Wow, I love that Ask & Answer cover. It's very different to the UK one!


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