Saturday, October 24, 2009

Considering *Because I Am Furniture* by Thalia Chaltas

Our lovely Penguin representative sent me a very intriguing book that I've never heard of. Because I am Furntiure by Thalia Chaltas is written in a loose poetry form and tells the story of Anke, a girl recovering after watching her father abuse her siblings. She is "spared" the abuse, forced to just watch and feel unworthy of even the most horrible attention. The book looks pretty dark. Here's how it opens:

I am always there.
But they don't care if I am
because I am furniture.

I don't get hit
I don't get fondled
I don't get love
because I am furniture.

Suits me fine.

Then Anke makes the volleyball team and finds her voice in a sport where you have to yell "Mine" to make a play. Because I Am Furniture looks like it focuses more on Anke finding her voice and recovering from the abuse around her. I really like the cover art. I forget what the technique is called, but when you place a cut-out over a photograph while you develop it, a white silhouette is left behind. It's always an eerie feel when it's done well. Although this could have been reproduced by Photoshop. It still looks very cool on the finished book. The paper used for the cover is also dense and has a bumpy texture, blacks and purples make the image look haunting. A washed out set of french doors is on the back cover.

This book had a starred review by Publisher's Weekly, and I still haven't heard of it.
Thalia also has a website with an in-depth links section, including connections to poetry resources online, links to cool authors and industry information. I can't wait to get into her book.


Cecelia said...

I've never heard of this one either! A starred review, you say?! I'm going to wander off and find it now. Thanks for bringing it to my (our) attention!

Tales of Whimsy said...

I haven't read this but the premise intrigues me.

Briana said...

This book actually sounds pretty good. The cover kind turns me away from it, but the synopsis makes it sound interesting. Cant wait to read your review!



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