Monday, October 4, 2010

Vampire Diaries: T.V. Show and Music Video

So I'm watching The Vampire Diaries the other day and I realize there is NON-STOP music through the whole show. Alaric is telling the group some important plot details and it's all chilled and there's music playing basically over top of their conversation. How overstimulating. Are the creators so worried about losing their audience to "boring" scenes, like when they TALK? *Otherwise, loving Damon this season!*

I still have some VD books to get through. It surprised me how much I got into them.

And I do have to give cred to the sound crew at VD; there's tons of music, but it's so awesome to see them include Hope Sandoval, Tegan and Sara, Imogen Heap, Metric, Neko Case.

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