Saturday, September 5, 2009

In My Mailbox This Week

Only one book was sent to me this week, but it's a completely awesome, matching the first volume, copy of Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins. They look beautiful together on the shelf and I was so LUCKY to get an actual, hardcover copy of the book. Thank you Scholastic.

I'm just finishing up The Hunger Games and obviously loving it. I knew I would. Why did I take so long to get to it?

Two other books I bought yesterday at a great used bookstore, Casablanca, in Kitchener are Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging by Louise Rennison and The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod by Heather Brewer. I have heard SO much about these two, although I have to say that Angus... is a little out of my usual reading choices. Actually, that's not right, it isn't; initially I just thought it was going to be fluffy and not good. I kind of waited to see what people were going to say about it before comitting to reading it. Sometimes I need a little jazz around books before I pick them up. And all three of these books, for me, have total jazz.



Faye( Ramblings of a Teenage Bookworm) said...

lol angus is a weird title name :D
I have to read the The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod series. The Hunger games is awesome! so is Catching fire. Great books

prophecygirl said...

The Angus series is one of my all-time favourites - I hope you love it! & Catching Fire is amazing!

Rhiannon Hart said...

So glad you're liking The Hunger Games--it's one of my favourites. Can't wait to start Catching Fire.

Tales of Whimsy said...

I can't wait to read Catching Fire. :)

Unknown said...

I'm interested in reading the Angus series too. I'd like to hear what you think of it!

Mandy said...

Thanks, guys! So many people have already read The Hunger Games. I'm thinking of doing something a little different with my review of it.
The Angus series looks okay, but I was definately hesitant.

Anonymous said...

Mandy, the Angus series (at least the first few books) had me weak with laughter. It so reminded me of how silly I was as a teenager with my two best friends. Unfortunately I heard from friends in the GLBTQ community who were really upset with stereotypes and things that the main character said. It may not be my place to judge but I thought they were in keeping with the character (and her flaws)

Mandy said...

Clare: funny you should mention the stereotypes because I kind of thought that too while I was reading this afternoon. She keeps thinking she's a lesbian because she can't get a boyfriend and she thinks she's ugly.
It's a little off, but the book IS hilarious. Sadly, I don't think it's out of the realm of possibility for a character to act this way and think these things. She's really not tolerant of anyone around her.

Katie said...

I haven't started the Vladimir Tod books yet, but my teens at the library eat them up. I've had to replace the first book twice now.

Off to read your "Hunger Games" review.

Happy reading!

the story siren said...

great books this week! hope you enjoy them! happy reading!


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