Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Zombie Appreciation Week

I just want to mention a very cool web event over at vvb32 reads, the Zombie Appreciation week which runs now through September 6th.

Check out a week's full of zombie book reviews, movie reviews, giveaways and mayhem. My favourite so far is the zombie search-a-word!

I was a little too late for this challenge so won't be joining in, but I'll be keeping up all week as a zombie blog voyeur.
I KNEW I should have re-read The Forest of Hands and Teeth!


Marie said...

Did I ever tell u your blog name is so clever?

Mandy said...

Marie: Thanks! I am crazy about Stevie Nicks, so all my friends rollled their eyes at me when I told them I'd started a teen blog called Edge of Seventeen!


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