Tuesday, October 6, 2009

An October Book *Hold Still*

I forgot to add *Hold Still* by Nina LaCour to the list of books published this month.

It has sketches and "hand written" journal entries in it, and it looks like its dimensions will be slightly larger than the standard hardcover. At least my galley is a little larger, like a journal.

Hold Still is about two best friends, Ingrid and Caitlin, inseparable until Ingrid takes her own life. Paralyzed by grief, Caitlin discovers that Ingrid has left a long goodbye in her journal, made up of sketches and words. The story covers one year of Caitlin's grief and journal reading, recreating Ingrid's last days.

On Nina's website there's a Q & A that I want to quote here because it's so interesting:

Art, specifically photography, is a major part of Hold Still. Right before I wrote the first pages, I visited my mom's classroom to look at her students' work. (My mom is a highschool photography teacher). One image still haunts me. It is a black-and-white, dramatically lit photograph of a girl with the words ugly, fat, stupid carved into her stomach. The photograph is heartbreaking, but it is also beautiful. I was simultaneously troubled by the image and in awe of the photographer's work. This photograph influenced my writing in so many ways. The girl in the image inspired the character of Ingrid, and the act of photographing became one of Caitlin's passions. Throughout the book, even as Caitlin is struggling, she is finding joy in creating art.

Also, the last page in the book is a sketch (all sketches and lettering throughout are by Mia Nolting) of a treehouse. I can't find the image online to post here *too bad*. But I DID find the image of the book cover which includes the wraparound spine *pictured above*. Actually the wraparound goes all the way to the back cover.
Just one more book to look out for this month.



Tales of Whimsy said...

how coool

Mandy said...

Juju: Yeah, it looks like a good one. It's the author's first book.

Katie said...

I am waiting so impatiently for this one. Less than a week!


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