Saturday, November 7, 2009

And That's That!

*whew* What a week! I had a blast putting together Dystopian Teen Week. I want to thank everyone who read the articles, reviews, author guest posts and author interviews during this time! I looked forward to reading all of your comments each day.

And of course I want to thank Jeanne Duprau, Maria V. Snyder, Kate from The Neverending Shelf, Patrick Ness, Carrie Ryan, Meg Rosoff, and even a surprise guest comment by James Dashner for a review of The Maze Runner:

Thank you for this awesome review! I'm so glad you liked it!!!

My only regret is not reading as many books as I originally intended. I was just finishing up The Declaration by Gemma Malley and I had to put it down. I need to read something different right now and I didn't want to burn out for her book. I'll go back and finish it in a few weeks.

Otherwise, this week was a lot of fun! I'd love to do another week again sometime on a different theme. Got anything in mind?



Rhiannon Hart said...

Great week! I really enjoyed your posts.

in which a girl reads said...

Loved this Dystopian Week!

Great posts throughout :)


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