Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Look, Look!

Wow, check out Pastworld by Ian Beck! I just got a copy yesterday and wanted to throw down everything I am currently reading to start it!

I was a little confused about the premise from what I read on the back. It sounded like there is a virtual reality scenario with Jack the Ripper? Bloomsbury's website gave me a few other pointers. Such as Pastworld sounds like the holodeck. It's more like a futuristic theme park for people to experience the past in a fun way. Then, the Jack the Ripper character begins to stop acting and start killing. Ala holodeck Professor Moriarty (you know, the episode with Data as Sherlock *pshaw*) who messed with the 'deck and I think ended up as sentient information just sitting in the ship's memory *shivers*.

Then Caleb, a tourist from the city is accused of murder, he hooks up with Eva, a Pastworlder, and their roles will take them far from home. Looks very unique. I love the what-at-first-I-thought-was steampunk setting. It does have that element--set in London, turn-of-the-century, Jack the Ripper and holodecks. But it also just seems straight SciFi. Not that I deperately need to pidgeon-hole this book *get in there!*.

OooOoh, there is also a truly rad book trailer that is done very well. Have a peek:

Oh, and there are airships. Very cool.



Bleuette said...

Sounds interesting! I like the cover.

Jon Johnson said...

As soon as you said holodeck, I was already thinking about that episode. Classic.

brizmus said...

This book sounds AWESOME! Jack the ripper, holodecks, what looks to be a dirigible on the cover - Count me in!

Tales of Whimsy said...

O that looks so good. I think it's on my TBR list already.


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