Thursday, November 19, 2009

Why You Won't Be Seeing Anything Book Related...

...until I watch all of these online episodes of Breaker High that I found.

It's a tradition. I am sick and very pathetic about it--full couch mode, coffee table pulled up, kleenex, OJ, Capn' Crunch, my puppy lying beside me also wilted (cuz dogs channel your moods). And you just have to watch terrible terrible t.v., see: awesome t.v. And I have actually contemplated creating a blog just for Breaker High. Okay, the only contemplation done was just right now, in a sick, bleery haze.

Don't know about Breaker High? Here are it's base elements:

Ryan Gosling acting all yo. A high school on a CRUISE SHIP. Lighthearted teen issues--more Saved By The Bell than 90210). Awesome outfits circa 1997--which still seems like an extended 80's period, clothing-wise. Ryan Gosling as a tail-chaser with a heart of gold, sans a shoe-box sized cellphone...acting all yo. With a bit of a ridiculous "accent", like maybe he's half-heartedly channeling a Texan?

And it's Canadian! Filmed in BC.

I will bring back the book-related content very soon. I have 2 reviews I'd love to blog about. But they'll just have to wait until BH is out of my system...and also a few episodes of Young Hercules.

Here is a little clip to whet your appetite, a Sean-dez-vous if you will:

I promise stuff about books soon. *I wonder if episodes of Breaker High were ever novelized?*



Unknown said...

I did some looking, and sadly... I can't find any novelizations. :( But perhaps I was looking for BH love in all the wrong places... one can always hope, right?

Hope you're feeling better soon!

Tales of Whimsy said...

Sounds fun :) You go girl!


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