Sunday, December 13, 2009

In My Mailbox This Week!

Neat story about the first cover at the top, Girl Meets Cake. I received an ARC for a book called My Invisible Boyfriend by Susie Day, and I'm looking all over for a copy of the cover for this blog entry. Then I go to the author's website and realize that my copy is the North American edition of this Girl Meets Cake book. The NA edition cover art isn't released yet. Here's how I found out:

Surreally enough, I’m currently rewriting bits of Girl Meets Cake for the US edition - which will be called My Invisible Boyfriend, and available sometime in 2010. Not Americanifying it: just tinkering with a thing or two to make the whole thing even more delicious (I hope!). It’s a bit odd, being able to check different drafts against an actual proper book-shaped version, but I’m having fun dipping a toe back into Finchworld and reacquainting myself with geeky Heidi, and Mysterious E, and the endless references to cake… (From Susie Day's blog)
I am so interested to see what changes would be made. Girl Meets Cake looks like it has more of a baking theme. I wonder if it'll be the same in Invisible Boyfriend. The cover for the ARC I have is a tableaux of a couple intimate on a couch. Beside them sit a white cut-out of another guy and then a girl looking cute and as if something's up. The whole thing is very playful.
This week I also received Darklight by Lesley Livingston. I've read Wondrous Strange and liked it. I didn't actually know it was going to be a trilogy. Livingston knows how to write magic realism into an urban romance well.
Possessed looks *Awesome*
Diddo Clone Codes. It's written by a mother father son team.
This week I also got a beautiful hardcover copy of The Dark Divine by Bree Despain, along with a wonderful and thoughtful note (thanks, T!). I started reading it and it is not like I imagined. There's so much mystery going on right now. I'm like "who are these characters and what happened to them?" You kind of start right into the action, a few years after a certain incident. But I still don't know what happened between Grace, her brother and Daniel, their best friend. I will provide more in a full review soon. Has anyone read this yet?
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Katie said...

Wow, so jealous! I've been impatiently awaiting The Life Of Glass & Wish for awhile now. Happy reading! :)

Lauren said...

These look so good! I've been wondering what The Clone Codes will be like, so I'll definitely look forward to hearing what you think of it.

Sam at Read Sam, Read said...

The Life of Glass cover is so pretty! I was a bit afraid to read Wondrous Strange because the name reminded me of Wicked Lovely, which I absolutely hated, but I've seen a lot of stuff about the sequel, so I'm definitely pondering picking it up. Let us know if the second one is pretty good!

Kelsey said...

Nice books! I really want to read a lot of those, especially Darklight and Life of Glass.

Enjoy :)

brizmus said...

Very cool story about Girl Meets Cake - I wonder if things like that happen more often than we'd think.

Dahlia (TheBookShopaholic) said...

Awesome books.

-Happy Reading!

ninefly said...

Girl Meets Cake has an awesome cover lol
definitely an attention-grabber =)

Clare said...

I've got Darklight to read too! Lesley came to Eden Mills last year and read from Wondrous Strange. She's a really fabulous presenter if you're looking for someone for the store.

Unknown said...

Wow you got some great books. I hadn't heard of Clone Codes. I'll need to look into that one. I so want to read The Life of Glass.

chocowafer said...

I'm really looking forward to reading Darklight. The cover is gorgeous! :)

Cecelia said...

Oh! These all look awesome - though the book that drew me into your post was Girl Meets Cake. Can't wait to get that one! My baking-obsessed soul is drawn to anything like that...

Happy reading!

Tales of Whimsy said...

I am in love with the 1st cover!
It makes me want to run off and bake.


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