Friday, January 8, 2010

*Book Stalking*...The Vampire Diaries

So sometimes I stalk books that I *just* don't know about. Usually I can take a look at a book and go on a hunch that it might be good. Whatever just floats my boat at the time. But, on occassion I just have no idea if I should pick something up or not. In this case the book in question is The Vampire Diaries by L.J. Smith, Or rather, the first two books in the series, The Awakening and The Struggle.

In my mind this book, which is a super new edition, could go either way? Maybe it's great and worthy of a reprint for a new generation, or maybe it's not so good.

So I'm stalking it. Google-stalking. Also asking your opinions: Have you read these books? Should I read these books?

I kind of love google-stalking a book. I look around for hype about a title that makes me curious but lukewarm. I need more information to psyche me up and give it a read. I hate going in lukewarm.

Here is my starting point: I just started watching the first season of the t.v. series. And it's OKAY. I'm like 2-3 episodes in. I find it very dramatic and look forward to a mellowing of the action to make way for characterization and the other subtleties that make a story good. Which the show is lacking right now. I get it--it's new and drawing the viewer in at this point. But Holy Cow can I not stand Damon's eyebrows. I also call him Baby Rob Lowe. That said, he'll prbably be my favourite character. And his "girlfriend" there, Caroline (?). The blonde cheerleader. I like her too. She's so perky and backstabbing.

Funny enough, an article at The First Novels Club piqued my interest to watch the show. Seriously it is the funniest ever. Frankie has a play-by-play how-to for if you ever find yourself caught in an episode of The Vampire Diaries. Here's some of its brilliance:

4) If you're not a vampire, not a main character and not indoors...Are you an extra who is outside at night time?

If you answered yes...dude, you are so totally dead. I can't help you. Your only hope of prolonging your life is to get involved in a love scene, preferably in a tent or a car. If your love scene is hot, your death will wait about 30 seconds to come for you, though it will be gruesome. Expect to die in a cliche horror movie/urban legend type of way. If your love scene is not so good, or you're not even kissing anyone--your death will be coming for about 10 seconds.

Exception to the rule: If you are an extra outside at night in the opening credits, but you're a crabby old man--Congratulations you have beat the system! Also you have no further significance in this episode. You can go home now.

One of the great aspects of The First Novels Club is their long, so awesome articles! The attention to detail makes me weep. Weep! But this survival guide made me laugh so hard. And then begin to watch the t.v. show. And now contemplate reading the books.

Ho boy...TFNC has a recap and play-by-play of each Vamp Diaries episode in the first season. Thank you Ladies! I know I'm way behind on this, but I can still get excited!

Anyway, back to the books. Shall I read them or no?


Shannon O'Donnell said...

Oh, I love book stalking! I think it's a compulsive disorder for me. :-)

Tales of Whimsy said...

I hear great things about the series. I've just been on a vamp diet ;)

Donna Gambale said...

Wow! Thanks so much for the link love! Heck, for the POST love! Frankie will be squeeing all over the place that she got you to try out the Vampire Diaries.

I only read the first two books and moved on to the TV show. It's complete mind candy, but Frankie's half-parody, half-recap take on them is hilarious, and it makes the show even better! (Am I a little biased since she's one of my closest friends and co-blogger? Sure. But they're HILARIOUS!)

How can you not love Damon's eyebrows? They're the best part of the show! They should get their own line in the credits.

And our long-winded insanity makes you weep! [Clutches heart.] You just made my day.

Frankie Diane Mallis said...

Hi Mandy! Awww yay, go glad you're enjoy the survival guide and my recaps-they are soooooo much fun to do!!! Thanks for posting about it and Donna was right, this post made me Squeeeeeeeeee!!! :-)

Amanda Leigh said...

I have read the books and I did enjoy them. Ok, maybe at first I couldn't stand Elena. She really isn't likable at first in the book, but she does get better and I really ended up enjoying the series. Not sure how I feel about the whole The Vampire Diaries: The Return thing yet, but we'll see how that goes. But overall, I would recommend them, but they are a lot different than the show.

yuan said...

LOL book stalking. That's a good term for it. I'm doing this with Brightly Woven now, trying to see whether or not I'll wanna read it...

As much as I adore the tv series of Vampire Diaries, I just can't read it. There's something about L.J. Smith's writing that puts me off. *dodges LJS fans*

anyhow, has blog award for you here =D

Katie said...

I wound up picking two answers. I read these as a teen and omgLOVEDTHEM. As an adult? They don't stand up as well. Not noteworthy fiction by any means, but I think they're worth a pass-through at least once.

Nina said...

I want to read the series, but why are there so many great ones that I always forget this one?

Maybe in the summer???? :)

Mandy (Edge of Seventeen) said...

Awesome feedback, guys! I'm still not sure if I'll start the first book anytime soon. I also feel like I need a bit of a vamp/paranormal romance break. It won't last that long, but I've been reading a bunch of it recently.

Ah Yuan: Thanks so much for the award!! I'll check it out right away.

Donna and Frankie: Your blog is so awesome! I'm loving the Vamp Diaries posts!!

Phyl said...

I'll be interested to hear if you decide to read the books or not. I've watched a few episodes of the show, and they're okay -- I laughed my head off at your comments about Damon's eyebrows, though.

I just wonder if vampires are kind of "done." Maybe not, if this show and the books have a big following. But if there's yet another book or series -- after Twilight and Vampire Diaries? One might start wondering if anyone out there has any original ideas left.

(Arya) Paige said...

My thoughts? Proceed with caution. While I absolutely adore the show, yes even Damon's eyebrows, the books are a meh. They're nothing, NOTHING, like the show. And part of the time I get this feeling the L.J. forgets what she's talking about. Her writing is easy to read, but part of the time its dull. There's some things I like about it and some I don't.
I hated that Bella always thought herself unworthy and ugly in Twilight, but Elena takes it to the whole other extreme. She's completely and totally full of herself.
There are some good action sequences in there though. And its an okay read to pass the time.

It all depends on what ya like though I guess. I'm not a big vampire fan though, just go with your gut.

Mandy (Edge of Seventeen) said...

Thanks so much to everyone for your input! I'll be posting a follow-up entry soon!


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