Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Shelf Grazing...Grazing the Shelf Randomly

*Nothing Like You* by Lauren Strasnick

I found this on my teen shelves at work. The premise really appeals to me and I'll explain why in a sec:

When Holly loses her virginity to Paul, a guy she barely knows, she assumes their encounter is a one-night stand. After all, Paul is too popular to even be speaking to Holly...and he happens to have a long-term girlfriend, Saskia. But ever since Holly's mom died six months ago, Holly has been numb to the world, and she's getting desperate to feel something, anything--so when Paul keeps pursuing her, Holly relents. Paul's kisses are a welcome diversion...and it's nice to feel like the kind of girl that a guy like Paul would choose.

But things aren't so simple with Saskia around. Paul's real girlfriend is willowy and perfect... and nothing like Holly. To make matters worse, she and Holly are becoming friends. Suddenly the consequences of Holly's choices are all too real, and Holly stands to lose more than she ever realized she had.

As a premise, this one is very unique in teen fiction. A cheating girl is really not the subject of a book, let alone a main character. I'm very intrigued by this book....

WhoA! So I'm hopping around online to learn more about Lauren Strasnick and she has a blog...and her most recent post is about Stevie Nicks! Um, hello!, inspiration for this blog! Lauren you are the coolest. She also has this neat picture biography of herself on her website. Nothing Like You is her first book, and it's a Simon Pulse title. How did I not know about it? Honestly, I think I am going to put down Blood Ninja (which is so awesome even 40 pages in!) and begin this one pronto.



Tales of Whimsy said...

This sounds great!

Literature Crazy said...

This book sounds like it has a unique hook... I'm glad you mentioned it because it wasn't even on my radar.

By the way, her website is very, very awesome. I loved that Flash-style mixtape of songs that make up the "Nothing Like You" soundtrack. Very cool.

Mandy (Edge of Seventeen) said...

Literature Crazy: Whoa, I missed that when I was checking her blog out. Thanks, I'll go back. Also, the book is really good so far.

Juju: You make my day!

Jade @ Chasing Empty Pavements said...

Oooh, that one looks good. I'm gonna check it out! Also, I gave you the Honest Scrap Award on my blog!


Anonymous said...

Mandy- I just found your blog through chasingemptypavements. I saw the name and I just knew I had to come over - BIG Stevie Nicks fan - ever since I was 13. Big, like I named my silver iPod Silver Girl and now my iTouch - Nightbird. Geek.


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