Friday, October 2, 2009

Poll Time *Paper Towns* by John Green

Here's what I wrote on about Paper Towns in September 2008:

I was impossibly psyched to read this book...and I didn't like it. Which was confusing as I have loved all things John Green. It wasn't anything in particular that I couldn't handle, it was just the book as a whole. I really dislike the cover(s), which did not faze me when I started reading. I am going to try this one again in October (pub date)and see how it is a second time.

Brutal! I never got around to picking it up again. And just yesterday we recieved the paperback edition, with it's huge pin. I'm still not a huge fan of either yellow or blue cover. I really DO want to give this book a proper reading soon. I mean, John Green? The man is amazing. I have his new book which will be published in the Spring, Will Grayson Will Grayson (Co-written with David Levithan), and it looks shiny and awesome.

The premise for Paper Towns is pretty cool, though. Margo is the girl next door, but also a very mysterious and possibly dangerous girl. She sneaks out at night with weird missions, hauling her smitten neighbour with her, Quentin. Margo sounds a little like Alaska from Looking for Alaska: this girl with a wildness to her, like she could do anything at any time. Then when Margo disappears after a long night of strange errands, Quentin searches for the answers.

I loved Looking for Alaska and An Abundance of Katharines, so I should really give a proper read to Paper Towns.



Nina said...

I like the second one, the yellow cover. The title, i don't know. I think i have to read it, so I can understand it. :)

Unknown said...

It's so disappointing when a book we think we should love turns out to be a dud. Especially if everyone else seems to love it too. Plus it always makes me feel like maybe I am just weird or wrong or missing something really important. But I wonder how much of it has to do with pressure we put on ourselves to love it, to appreciate it as much as everyone else seems to? I think re-reads are totally worthwhile in these cases, but it's best (in my case) to leave some space.

btw, I like the pushpin, I think. I think the first two covers are a cool concept, but I think I'd be too depressed to pick up the blue one.

Jon Johnson said...

Gotta go pin. And tilt-shift style photography. Though the girl is cute, there's more style to the pin, and the lack of the whole photograph of a girl and her image super-imposing over what your own idea of what the character would look like thing.

I'm still looking forward to reading this though. Loved Alaska, liked Catherines.


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