Sunday, August 22, 2010

.....*pokes head out, squints*.....


It's been awhile.

I'm coming back to blogging the first week of September. But I thought I'd do a soft return post. I'm getting things ready for that first week of blogging; have my giveaways all lined up (and there WILL be great stuff up for grabs! I've missed the excitement and the winning and the community), and some posts in mind. But I could use a bit of help.

I haven't read any blogs for 6 months. I work at a bookstore, but haven't been as up-to-date on my teen reads. So I missed an entire summer of books! And summer, even if you're not still in school, is THE time for reading.

I need guest posts about your fave book this summer. I'll post them the first week of September. Let me know what I missed, what needs to be on my TBR pile for the Fall. What's been out, what have you read, what's the best of the season? I just need a few lines about what made that read so great.

(All guest bloggers will have their name entered 10 times per giveaway, during my "Edge of Seventeen Returns! -- With Booty!" book giveaway week)

Some other cool things I'll be doing in September include being the first stop for Plain Kate's blog tour, a new YA title by Erin Bow published by Arthur A. Levine, an imprint of Scholastic. It's been getting a lot of buzz -- and I hope to amp that buzz because Plain Kate is great.

And I'm travelling in late September for the "Smart Chicks Kick it Tour", where a line-up of awesome lady authors tour mostly the States but then show up in Brampton, which is close to me. My travelling companion is my blogger BF Kiirstin, from A Book A Week.

Glad to be back.



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