Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Look Ahead to This Week in Reading

Instead of a Sunday wrap-up of the past week in reading, I would like to look ahead to next week. Tomorrow is a day off (civic holiday) for us and I plan on finishing up the two books I'm reading right now, The Philosopher's Stone (for the Harry Potter challenge) and A Wrinkle in Time.
I usually only have like 5 titles at a time on my to-be-read list because I never know what I'd like to read next. It usually depends on what I have just finished and what I'm in the mood for. But, the other day I was digging through Bookshelves of Doom's READ list and I found some great titles that I immediately put a hold on at my local library. So here are my next few reads (for now):

Also, I had to work today and I was perusing the shelves/working very hard and realized that we had Jeff Lemire's new book, Nobody, which I had ordered last week! I absolutely loved his Essex County books and this one looks great. The illustration is brilliant of course, and the story is inspired by H.G. Wells' Invisible Man. So it goes home with me TONIGHT! I really recommend Bookshelves of Doom blog because her reviews are 1) accurate and fair 2) funny as hell 3) her book tastes are spot-on.

I hope to get a good chunk of reading done this week. I get so excited when I have a solid to-be-read pile and an entire day off. Even my partner is away from the house, working a 12 hour day. Poor guy *laughs maniacally*




Sheila (bookjourney) said...

Fun reads! I am working with an up and coming blogger tomorrow (age 14) who wants to start doing YA reviews. Any advice? I want to help him find some ARC's but I am not sure where to find them myself. Any advice would be wonderful!

I too enjoy YA.

journey through books @ gmail dot com

Unknown said...

Oh yes, there's nothing like a day or two of uninterrupted reading time! I had that this weekend... and finished Alison Croggon's The Naming, which may otherwise have taken a week or more. Although, maybe not. It was pretty hard to put down.

Happy holiday!

Mandy said...

Sheila: I will send you an e-mail today with my response. Thanks for your visit!

Kiirstin: I couldn't place The Naming until I looked it up on goodreads. I've seen it around but never went farther with it. You say it's unputdownable? I will put a hold on it at the library. Thanks!

Jon Johnson said...

I didn't realize The Nobody was out yet! Excited!

I bought a print from Jeff of the front cover of the first Essex County book that I am so looking forward to having on my wall. Got to see some original sketches too when I saw him at TCAF. Great stuff.


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