Friday, December 18, 2009

Some Attention for Edge!

Wow, I was just sent this link to an article on using blogs to promote awareness of your bookstore, written by BookNet Canada, and they've used our store's blogs, especially Edge of Seventeen, as one their case studies! So cool. Thanks BookNet.

Some heartstopping (for me) highlights from the article include:

Comments are open and create a conversation. For example, on Edge of Seventeen the majority of the posts each have comments from at least 5 different readers.

•The blogs are personal. Pictures of the employees appear frequently and personal contact information is provided – readers are even encouraged to email and ask for specific recommendations.

•Edge of Seventeen is devoted to teen titles – whether the reader is a teen or not – and is primarily made up of reviews and interviews.

And there's an image of Edge of Seventeen posted too:

Read the full, helpful article here!

BookNet provides a great service for booksellers and publishers in Canada and The Globe & Mail has called it "the book industry's supply chain nerve centre".

And speaking of comments--I am getting a huge increase in spammy comments on the blog. I *love* reading and responding to comments left here. I really look forward to them. I love your feedback and hearing your opinions, seeing what everyone's reading, but I hate that spam really affects the tone that I am trying to set here. So I have set up comment moderation in the sense of monitoring comments left before they are officially published. Everything you may leave here will still be published, I will just be able now to stop spam before it starts! I really hope this won't offend any readers. I've been to other blogs and have seen comment moderation in action, I'd like to see how it works for me.



Shannon O'Donnell said...

That is super-cool - congratulations! I will check out the article link. ;-)

Helen's Book Blog said...

How totally cool and exciting to be mentioned all across the WWW! I feel so good for you about it!

Anonymous said...

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Tales of Whimsy said...

How cool! What an honor. Congrats!

Donna Gambale said...

Congrats! PS - If the spammers found you, that means you're awesome and totally going places! They're the coolhunters of the blog world.

Unknown said...

That is an amazing honor! Many congrats!!

Mandy (Edge of Seventeen) said...

Hey, thanks for all the comments everyone. They really made my day. :)

Katie said...

That's so very exciting! And what they said is absolutely true about your blog.

Good luck against the spambots! I will never take off comment moderation because of them, ha.


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