Saturday, January 2, 2010

Taking A Look At *Hearts At Stake*

Alyxandra Harvey is a Canadian author; actually she lives in Ontario, I think pretty close to me. Her new book is called Hearts At Stake and it's the first in a series called The Drake Chronicles.

Solange is a vampire princess, having been born into her lineage rather than made into a vampire. She's kidnapped and it's up to her brother Nicholas and her human friend Lucy to save her. And apparently there is some romantic tension between Nick and Lucy, which looks exciting.

I'm just on the official website for the book,, looking around for more info on the book, and there are two book trailers which give an idea about the tone of the book:

Here is Solange's story:

And here's Lucy's story:

And I found this from the author's bio--a bit of a background to the book:

The Bronte sisters, Jane Austen, as well the Romantic Poets, the Pre-Raphaelites, mythology, and ancient history inspired her to become a writer. The idea for The Drake Chronicles popped into her head when she was thinking of a way to retell Snow White. She wanted it to be fun, slightly snarky and not take itself too seriously; she also wanted to play with vampires (they’re another one of her intrigues) and indulge in a little historical fiction, some corsets, some magic and some girls who kick serious butt.

I'm very keen on the Snow White connection. Oh, okay, now I get why Solange has 7 brothers. This one looks cool. I'm going to pick it up today (the DANGER of working in a bookstore...).


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yuan said...

... A retelling of Snow White? For real? lol I wasn't even aware of that. (Am super curious about this novel now. =D) Nor the fact that the author is Canadian. Hope she does a tour in the T.O... *crosses fingers*


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